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The Garage

I am ROBERTO CAVEDON; I started playing guitar during the late Seventies and I switched to the drums in 1983; I began a Vintage fan 25 years ago, and I still love old musical instruments.
I worked as sales manager in the drums dept. of one of the biggest musical store in Rome, Italy.
In March 2007 I estabilished my own little shop, "Il Garage di Asso". Someone may think that I am "Asso" (Ace), because of my 15 years old left forearm tattoo... but this tattoo is a tribute to Lemmy, Motorhead singer and bassist. Who unfortunately passed away last 28th December 2015. His music and his Rock & Roll attitude will last forever, anyway!
ASSO is a big, beautiful 15 years old cat, who loved wander around my drums and my guitars, and often he used to sleep inside one of my bass drums, when we lived together. The Garage is dedicated to him, one of my loyal admirers, who now lives in a big, quiet and tidy house with his "mom", without musical instruments around.
As you could see, the "Garage di Asso" is not a music shop in the classic sense of the term, but an exhibition of objects that have done (and still are) part of my life - my passions, my mania, the dreams of a child.
All the stuff you'll see represents what I love: guitars, football shirts, drums, basses... Many of these are on sale, and many more are yet to come.


Roberto e Asso

…I'd like to show my gratitude…

This adventure would not have been possible without the great helping (and patience…) of of DEBORA SANTUS and CLAUDIO TADDEI, authors of many custom works on drums and guitars, and MAURIZIO URBANI and CARLO DELICATI, the precious webmasters who stayed with me since the earliest days of this journey. I want to thank all of you, also, the customers who give me support and encouragement every single day! I'm so lucky and proud for it, and I hope I'll be grateful enough!

The showroom/home/workshop is located in Ardea (Roma), via Reggio Calabria 22. Wanna pay a visit? You'll be very welccome! Just e-mail: roberto@ilgaragediasso.net cavedonr@libero.it ilgaragediasso@gmail.com or give us a phone call +39-06-91492544 +39-347-5326376.